PLS Launch Solutions

Growing Your Sales

You’ve spent years developing and perfecting a world-class technology. You understand its value, but does everyone else? And do you know how to tell them? Most emerging growth companies reach this stage through innovation and hard work, but word of mouth and referral will only take you so far. You need market strategy, competitive advantage, and rigorous ongoing activity to fuel sales.

Understanding and Reaching Your Customer

Most marketing companies know marketing. We know how to market technology. With engineers on staff and a proven approach to get up to speed fast, we understand your technology and the customers you serve. We act with speed, experience and practicality to help high tech, engineering and science-driven companies grow. Your interests come first. We’ve been trusted to guide some of the word’s biggest companies, and have proven ourselves for over 30 years. 

Marketing & IP Development

Patent agents are engineers who can write. Ours can help you launch new technology faster with our proven go-to-market process. Whether you need to protect your innovation or just get to market fast, a diverse marketing team with rich technical expertise frees up your team and ensures you work on what’s most important to you.

Where to start? Explore our services, request an assessment for practical guidance, or just give us a call.