5 Apps to Help You Capture Leads at Trade Shows

Posted by Mandy Bly on Thu, Feb 11, 2016


We and our clients are gearing up for Photonics West and other upcoming trade shows. Collecting and managing leads is an important part of these events, but the methods of lead capture vary. Often show organizers will have badge scanners available to rent, or exhibitors can bring their own; but because of the cost, many professionals are now relying on their phones to collect leads.

Trying a new app to collect leads comes with the risk of technical issues. The most foolproof method for lead collection is the official scanner available at your trade show, but if this is outside your budget, here are five smartphone apps that you can try. Just be sure to first test out any app you plan on using to make sure it will serve your needs.


Capture Leads

1. X-Press Connect

X Press Connect allows you to capture leads by scanning barcodes or QR codes using your iOS or Android device. After collecting the data, you can add notes, conduct surveys, rate leads, or schedule follow-up appointments all through the app. If you need CRM support, you can also purchase X-Press Connect software to continue to manage your leads after the show.

2. IDScan

This free app also allows you to scan the barcode on a conference badge. A differentiating feature of IDScan is that you can organize your leads into groups, which will help you prioritize hot and cold leads for sales follow-up. When you’ve collected all your leads, you can export your data via Excel, email, or Dropbox.

3. LeadPod

Expo Logic recently launched their LeadPod app, a mobile spin-off of their original hand-held barcode scanner, LeadKey. Lead information shows up on the device immediately after you scan it; it is then stored in a password protected portal where it is available to download after the show.


Keep Track of Collateral

While not specifically designed for lead capture, the next two apps can also help you keep track of your trade show connections and collateral. We suggest using an app like these to scan brochures or other print materials you receive that might get thrown away later.

4. Genius Scan

This is an app we’ve been using a lot lately. The free app lets you scan just about any document from your phone or tablet, save it as a PDF or JPG, then send it in an email. For $6.99, the Genius Scan+ version lets you export to cloud services such as Google Drive and Dropbox, among other features.

5. Tiny Scanner

Like Genius Scan, this app lets you scan a business card, brochure, or other document and convert it to a PDF. If the lighting in the conference center or your hotel room fails you, you can adjust the color and contrast on your scanned images. Additionally, you can organize and label the documents in the app and then share them with your colleagues via email or the cloud.


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