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Keyword Optimization Conundrum - The Impact of "Not Provided"

The Loss of Organic Search Intel

In two prior posts, one in April on the impact of not provided on marketing metrics and in a February post on Secure Search and Not Provided background information. The February post also includes a short list of actions you can take to adapt to the changing search environment.  

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Survey Results: Fewer but comparably qualified leads at DSS vs. Photonics West

In March we reported the results of a sales lead survey gauging your success at Photonics West 2013. This month we’ve done the same with the SPIE Defense, Security & Sensing (DSS) show. Some of the results were consistent from show to show; however, attendees of DSS reported less lead success year over year and compared with Photonics West leads.

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PLS Launch Solutions Team Runs the 2013 Corporate Challenge

Launch Solutions Race Team

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Channel Marketing - Getting the Best Out of Channel Partners

Building a Sales Pipeline with Channel Partners

The other day I was speaking with a client whose products are sold through direct and indirect sales channels. This client relies on channel partners to sell their products in Europe. He was telling me about their 90/10 experience – that is, 90% of European sales were generated by 10% of partners. His response generated several questions:

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In Pursuit of More Leads for Sales

Is Your Marketing Strategy Optimized to Attract Today’s Buyer?

The operative word in this question is Attract. The impact of pushing your message out to your target prospect via advertising, PR, and direct sales has changed. Leading companies recognize that buyers no longer just listen to your message – that it takes an engagement process to first attract the right prospects and then move them along the buying process, until they are ready to make a decision. An engagement mindset is important because according to Forrester Research, your prospective customers are 67% to 90% through the buying journey BEFORE they contact the vendor.

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Marketing Metrics - Tracking the Impact of Not Provided

Shifting Marketing Metrics?

Have you noticed that you have less organic search data available? In early February, we highlighted the impact of secure search on our organic search data in 2012. Approximately 31% of our organic search results were "(not provided)". This result means that people are accessing your site via secure search, which prevents you from seeing the search terms they used to find you. 

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Spring Cleaning Series #2: Reassessing Customer Value

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Survey Says... Lead Generation Success Varies at Photonics West 2013

Tradeshow Marketing Survey Results At A Glance 

Earlier this month, we asked you to participate in our survey gauging your success at Photonics West 2013. Now the results are in, and we’re sharing what we learned with you. We’ve put them into a handy downloadable SlideShare presentation with charts (link at bottom of post) – so you can see just where you fall among others in the industry. We’ve also compiled some highlights and commentary on the results:

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Writing Content for SEO & The Impact of Secure Search

The Changing Landscape of Organic Search

If you’ve been paying attention to the headlines over the past year or so, businesses, marketing agencies, SEO practitioners, and other online marketing enthusiasts predict that keyword research as we know it (or knew it), is rapidly diminishing in effectiveness. Keyword research has been the SEO go-to source for website optimization.

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Watch for @launchsolutions at SPIE Photonics West 2013

SPIE Photonics West and SPIE Bios

Photonics West

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