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Sales & Marketing Alignment – 4 Roadblocks to Inbound Sales Lead Follow-up & How to Get Past Them


When a tree falls in a forest and there is no one around to hear it...

Marketing can generate hundreds or thousands of leads through brilliant inbound marketing content, catchy banners, enticing emails, and stellar social media strategies, but if no one ever follows up with these leads, should they really be called leads? And what purpose do they serve?

Before you throw in the online lead generation towel, first reflect on the roadblocks that might be keeping Sales from following up on these leads. Once you understand the real challenges, you can then find ways to improve Marketing and Sales alignment for better follow-up.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, Lead Generation, Marketing Metrics, Sales, Marketing and Sales Alignment

Is HubSpot Worth It? The Answer Your CEO Doesn't Want to Hear

You’re nine months into a one-year contract with HubSpot, and suddenly your CEO has noticed the quarterly charge on the corporate card. He seems to have forgotten all of the “long game” conversations you had when you sold him on the idea and now just wants metrics. Is it working? What’s the ROI? Is it worth it?

The answer to these questions might be a simple and very common one: We haven’t put enough effort into it to actually tell.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, Marketing Strategy, HubSpot

When Jury Duty Brings Your Business to a Standstill

A Lesson in the Value of Cross-Training

Could the absence of one key team member cause your sales or operations to grind to a stop?

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Topics: Business Insights

Four Critical Missteps Established Companies Should Avoid When Entering a New Market

Well established companies face a unique set of challenges when entering a new market. Although these companies have already proven their ability to launch and sell their products or services, this experience can actually be a hindrance. Overconfidence from success in other markets can breed oversight.

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Topics: Marketing Strategy, Content Development, Positioning

15 Signs Your Marketing Strategies are Old-School

Typewriters, boom boxes, floppy disks. What we thought would never be replaced, well, have been. Technology and media are constantly changing, and inevitably so are customers’ buying behaviors.

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Topics: Marketing Mix, Marketing Strategy

Best and Worst of the Photonics West 2016 Exhibition Floor

According to my pedometer, I covered over 20,000 steps on the Photonics West trade show floor this week, and though that’s certainly not enough to see every booth, I felt pretty good about what I did see. There were some clear winners in my book this year—booths that were clearly a step ahead of their neighbors in creativity and lead generation effectiveness.

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Topics: Trade Show Strategy, Branding and Identity

A Competitive Landscape All Covered with Cheese

Fromage Frenemies

Recently I was at my local mall’s food court waiting for a grilled cheese when I noticed that an employee dressed in the uniform of another food vendor was picking up an order from the register. I overheard their conversation and decided that these two employees were a step ahead of some business owners.

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Topics: Business Insights, Positioning

One Wheel, Four Wisdoms – Lessons from Unicycle Guy

Though the gentleman that rides a unicycle through my neighborhood isn’t wearing a Darth Vader costume like the guy in Portland, he has still captured my attention and my imagination. For over a year now, I have watched him practice his craft, up and down the country roads near my home, occasionally while juggling small objects. Though I don’t know what he does for a living, I like to imagine that he is a corporate VP who has taken up this bizarre hobby as a means of self-disciple – to reinforce the lessons in success that are a must for his business.

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Topics: Business Insights

Marketing Budget Planning — 8 Things We’re Budgeting for in 2016

When I sit down to develop my marketing budget for the coming year, I begin by looking at what worked and what didn’t during the past year. I review my business plan and reflect on new tactics that may help achieve business objectives in a new way. I review my budgeting notes from the previous year to see if there is anything I cut out last year that I might be able to include this year.

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Topics: Marketing Mix, Marketing Strategy

The Uncertain World of Google Updates: Why Phantom 2 Has Left Us Uneasy

A Search Update That's Shaking Things Up from the Shadows


When we heard about Mobilegeddon we prepared our clients, checking their competitors’ mobile compatibility and monitoring traffic closely as the April 21st roll-out date approached. We were especially worried for a couple of our clients who have yet to make the shift to mobile-friendly websites, because the much-publicized Google search algorithm update was supposedly intended to punish non-mobile-friendly sites. But April 21st came and went, and we did not see the shifts in traffic patterns we expected.

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Topics: Content Development, SEO