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When is a Marketing Retainer the Right Choice? [Infographic]

Retainers vs. Project-Based Arrangements

Considering the next big step in your marketing plan? Marketing retainers offer 25-30% more bang for your buck compared to project work, but they are not for everyone. This mini-assessment can help you decide if a monthly marketing retainer makes sense for your company. (Try the following quick decision tree, or take the more detailed quiz below.)

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Topics: Marketing Strategy

New Evidence Points to Marketing Value of SEO and Paid Search

“Just Google It”

We often conduct interviews with our customers’ customers as part of our marketing assessment. These interviews provide valuable insight into their buying habits, needs and expectations. One recent conversation went like this…

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, SEO

Can I quote you on that? A B2B sales guide to customer testimonials

Product reviews have become crucial in the online marketplace, sometimes outweighing other marketing messaging. Both digital buyers and brick-and-mortar shoppers will go online to look at product reviews before making a purchase. In B2B, reviews are a little harder to come by; customers are fewer, and more effort is required to generate a testimonial, at least a good one.

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Topics: Business Insights, Marketing Strategy, Client Relations

Marketing & Sales Alignment: A Prerequisite for Effective Lead Generation

Why is no one following up on my sales leads?

Your lead generation activities can result in hundreds of leads. Whether these leads are generated through inbound marketing, banner ads, social media promotion, or tradeshows, they are useless unless someone follows up with them. Many companies experience this problem where leads are generated then subsequently ignored.

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Topics: Business Insights, Inbound Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Internal Communication, Sales, Marketing and Sales Alignment

Sales Advice from a Fundraiser: Marketing Metrics, Customer Touch Points, and the Sales Pipeline

Fundraising is selling – but without a tangible product or service to offer to your customer. 

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Topics: Business Insights, Marketing Metrics