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Posted by Michele Nichols on Thu, Mar 15, 2012

Keys to Entrepreneurial Success

The best part of my job is working with straight-shooting CEOs of entrepreneurial tech companies. The conversations that develop cover vast topics - from marketing for business growth to favorite restaurants in San Francisco. Regardless of topic, these leaders provide valuable insights for my business and are worthy of sharing with you.

Following a recent lunch with Robert Mendenhall, Founder of American Aerogel, I'm compelled to share his keys to entrepreneurial success:

entrepreneurial success factorsBefore You've Proven "It"

1. Only go into business with someone you'd marry if the sex was good.
2. Believe in yourself and tell everyone else to *#$% themselves.
3. Remember that money comes from other people buying "it."

After You've Proven "It"

4. Know what you don't know
5. Listen to others and ask yourself "could they be right?"
6. Remember that money STILL comes from other people buying "it."

We ultimately have the opportunity to work with guys like Robert because of rules 4 & 6. In our work with technologist-turned-entrepreneur CEOs, we find their greatest business growth is achieved when the leader recognizes that customers drive their success,  that reaching the customer is a science and art, and that they can objectively assess whether or not they need help reaching that customer.

What are your keys to Entrepreneurial Success?


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