Bright Ideas for Brand Building in a Tough Economy

Posted by John Veckerelli on Fri, Apr 01, 2011

Winning in a Tough Economy

In our B2B marketing and communications work with optics, advanced manufacturers, and other high technology industries, many were spared the severe downside pressure of the economy. We find that a balanced integrated marketing strategy that supports a diversity of industries and customers helps manage the downside risks of being too concentrated in a single customer or industry. 

More broadly, we’re thankful to see businesses in an around Rochester, NY excel in this tough market. Many of them are winning by:

Turning their smart business actions into marketing assets
Bright idea: create a white paper and article on your patented technology or sustainable business practices. White papers are the 2nd most popular tool for business marketing.

Improving their ability to compete globally
Bright idea: translate a section of your website to increase your search rankings for foreign prospects. (Especially as more and more foreign companies use Google Translate to search for vendors.)

Concentrating on ROI
Bright idea: with email campaigns and online advertising, on-hand stats make it easy to test what works before significant spend. The secret is to watch a few metrics consistently.

Focusing on competitive advantage
Bright idea: When in doubt, ask. Ask your customers why they bought, and how you’re different (then institutionalize the process).

It comes down to this: rather than being all things to all people, those who are winning are tightly targeting the right buyers with the right message. We’re looking forward to helping you do the same.

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