Content Marketing - 5 Infographics on Promoting & Repurposing Content

Posted by Katie Steelman on Fri, Jun 12, 2015

Most business leaders know that content marketing is a vital tool for attracting and converting customers. With buyers completing close to 60 percent of their purchasing decision before contacting your salespeople, the availability of quality web pages, blogs and other resources is essential. 

The challenge most companies face, however, is finding the time and inspiration to consistently create new pieces of content. This is where repurposing comes in handy. Rather than starting from scratch each time, marketers can save time and effort by turning blog posts into new types of content or framing them another way. Repurposing also offers buyers alternative ways to consume your content, which can help you reach different segments of your audience. 

Many marketing professionals have explored the idea of content reuse in blog posts and infographics. Here are five of our favorite content marketing visuals, in no particular order (right click and view in new tab, or click the links to see them larger):

5 Content Repurposing Infographics

1. "7 Ways to Recycle Your Blog Post"

by Web Hosting Secret Revealed via Business 2 Community

This infographic gives a quick rundown of some simple ways businesses can repromote evergreen content, or use pieces of that content to make something new.


2. "Content Repurposing"

by Vertical Measures via Social Media Today

This graphic, which is in fact repurposed from the creator's eBook, presents a visual map of how a single idea can turn into a variety of different content types.


3. "The Content Cornucopia"

by Scripted via MarketingProfs

This festive image describes how each type of content — imagined as part of a Thanksgiving spread — works in its own way to engage your audience. 


A high-quality blog post or white paper can be repurposed in a lot of ways to reach customers. If you don't yet have a solid piece of content to start with, download our Technical Content Development Guide.

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4. "30 Ways to Promote Your Blog Post"

by LaunchGrowJoy via Marketing Land

This graphic covers a range of different channels and methods available to you to promote your blog post, from bookmarking sites like Digg to article-swapping with fellow bloggers. However, the Marketing Land article does warn that some of the tactics mentioned might be overzealous (tweeting the same link 2-3x per day) or possibly get you in trouble with Google (link-building through syndication). Avoid activities that seem too spammy.

5. "Why Every Business Should Blog"

by Quick Sprout via Digital Information World

Finally, this infographic offers some statistical reminders as to why blogging for business is important. It also shares the ideal times of day and days of the week to publish and promote your blog posts.

Why Every Business Should Blog - #infographic

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