Launch Team Helps Deliver Lighting, Medical Supplies to Those In Need

Posted by Katie Steelman on Fri, Dec 04, 2015


The Gift of Good Health 

The Launch Team spent yesterday afternoon sorting donated medical supplies with InterVol, a humanitarian organization dedicated to connecting the world’s neediest with materials, people and opportunities. InterVol's RUMS program collects unused medical supplies from area hospitals and individuals and distributes them to various local and international organizations. The boxes we packed will be sent to Ukraine.

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Light It Forward

In addition to supplies, InterVol, along with Rochester Regional Health, sends volunteer medical professionals to bring much needed medical care to people in developing areas of the world. This January their team will be traveling to Haiti, and Launch Team provided a unique gift for them to take on their journey: Luci lights. 

Luci lights are inflatable, portable, solar-powered lights that can be used in emergency situations and in underdeveloped countries.

In areas of the world that don't have access to proper medical facilities and electricity, surgery is often performed by the light of a smartphone, RUMS Materials Coordinator Linda Hafner told us. Hopefully these lights will help doctors in Haiti provide quality care to their patients, regardless of the time of day.

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