Geeking Out over Marketing Data, Harry Potter, and Chocolate Chip Cookies ― Meet Sarah Campagna

Posted by Alex Ormond on Wed, Aug 02, 2017

Sarah Campagna | VP of Account Services

While at work, you’re most likely to see Sarah emailing or talking with a client to help align their marketing activities with their business goals. When not at work, you would most likely run into Sarah grocery shopping at Wegmans.



1. What brought you to Launch Team?

The opportunity to work for a firm that truly valued data-driven decision making was exciting for me. That is really at the heart of what we do for all our clients.

And, once I got here I realized how much I also liked working with clients across all channels and all platforms. I enjoy being able to help my clients with their full marketing program.


2. Was Launch the first place you were able to apply those skills and interests?

I actually spent 10 years working heavily in direct mail, where there was constant testing of variables. It was necessary for the success of projects that most decisions made were based on data points. That’s where I learned how important it could be and practiced a lot of those skills.


3. It seems like you’re very interested in data and analytics. Throughout your education, was there ever a specific class that introduced you to it or caused you to become interested?

The class I took on SEO is where I learned to focus on conversion optimization and measure marketing activity success by conversion rate.


4. What would you say is the most rewarding aspect of the role you’re in today?

It’s seeing clients win! Whether it’s increasing leads or revenue, I like knowing I’m having an impact on the success of not only my partner at the company but the company as a whole.

For me, knowing that there are employees working around the clock on the shop floor or in the office, I want to help drive the business to support those jobs. I consider myself to be part of their teamI feel that I have a loyalty to that company and to their employees.


5. Seeing your clients winthat’s a good way to put it. What is your favorite success story of a time you helped a client get a win?

For one of our clients, we developed a trade show promotion to be used at Photonics West. I was able to work in the booth for the client, so I got to be part of the whole process. It was really fun and a huge success. The promotion actually generated 4x the leads for the client.


6. Although you have expertise in your area, we are always learning new things and keeping up to date. What’s the coolest thing you’ve learned recently?

I’ve always enjoyed doing photography on the side, but I recently learned more about product lighting. I’ve started doing some product photography shots for clients. I like it because it allows me to bring more to the table.


7. You keep pretty busy at work, but when you have spare time, and aren’t shopping at Wegmans, what are some of your favorite hobbies?

I love snowboarding and hiking. Locally one my favorite spots to hike is a kettle hole created from glaciers called “Devil’s Bathtub.” However, my favorite place was the slopes behind the town of Amalfi when I visited Italy, Vallone delle Ferriere.


8. Sounds like you enjoy outdoors activities. You also just got a new pet, right?

Yes, I have a 10-week-old puppy, Ollie. He’s a Mini Golden Doodle. I always grew up having pets, so I’m excited to have a dog for my kids to grow up with.


9. So we know you like anything related to data, but what else brings out your inner geek?

Yes, I get so excited about analytics, but anything related to the Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter. I would really like to plan an adult Quidditch team someday.


10. Last question, what’s something no one would know about you?

I actually got to judge a chocolate chip cookie contest one time. It was really exciting—I tried about 20 different kinds of cookies.

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