NYS Grant Opportunities to Stimulate Profitable Growth in High Tech

Posted by Mandy Bly on Tue, Jul 19, 2016


Achieve Your Business and Sales Goals

Do you want to expand your marketing outreach? Are you looking to attract more potential customers and improve sales? While the answer may be an obvious yes, cost can often limit these aspirations. However, new grant funding opportunities may soon help high tech and advanced manufacturing companies achieve their growth goals.

Receiving a grant not only can help your business financially, but it can also be beneficial from a public relations and marketing standpoint. This accolade can enhance public perception among industry peers, customers and prospects, and others.


New York State Global NY Grant Fund

A new grant fund, administered by the New York State Urban Development Corporation and Empire State Development, offers an opportunity for companies to grow their customer base internationally. The fund will offer assistance to small and mid-sized businesses and support activities that increase the export of New York’s products and services to foreign markets. By helping New York State’s private sector to identify and develop export markets and increase their sales, the New York State Global NY Grant Fund will also aid the creation and retention of jobs.

High Tech Rochester (HTR) consultants like Mark Schrader can help companies identify grant opportunities that meet their goals, and implement projects to achieve them. To learn more, review the grant guidelines or contact Mark.


Client Success with Grant Funding

High Tech Rochester provides business networking, consulting services, and grant funding for high tech companies to help them advance their profitable growth. We’ve partnered with HTR on many projects to help our clients improve lead generation and increase revenue.

With the support of HTR, we have been able to help reposition and establish marketing strategies for companies in advanced manufacturing. If you’re looking for ways to boost your ROI or want to talk through your current business challenges, contact us.

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