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B2B Social Media with Google+

Who is using Google+?

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Topics: Social Media, Marketing Strategy, Branding and Identity, Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing -- Marketing People LOVE

Marketing People LOVE--Really?

Marketing companies talk about appealing to your customers' emotions -- hit them where they live. And it's true: as logical and business-focused as people are, buying is inherently  emotional.

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Topics: Marketing Strategy, Business Insights, Branding and Identity, Inbound Marketing

Branding and Identity – Logo Redesign

Changing Your Logo? What You Need to Consider

Your logo is the visual connection to your company, your brand. It is the public mark or symbol that your audience immediately recognizes and emotionally connects to or abandons depending on the quality and feeling it emanates. Your logo validates who you are, if you feel real, legit. 

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Topics: Branding and Identity, Marketing Strategy

Foundational Marketing Assets: Corporate Photography

An Overlooked Brand Asset

Good photography is a core marketing asset when it comes to presenting a company to prospective and existing customers—it makes the intangible services offering a little more tangible, the technology more real, and the application more compelling. When we work with companies to execute their marketing roadmap, the lack of good corporate photography is often a barrier to getting a marketing project complete on a tight timeframe and budget, whether it’s issuing a press release of a new hire, designing a trade show booth display, or creating a marketing success story.

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Topics: Optics, Branding and Identity, Marketing Strategy

Managing Business Growth - Lessons from Inc. 5000 Leaders

Entrepreneurial Success Factors

Each year, Fortune magazine announces their list of the 5000 fastest growing companies in the US. It is a privilege to work with some of these companies and their insightful leaders who frequently share their keys to entrepreneurial success with us. 

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Topics: Marketing Strategy, Business Insights, Branding and Identity

Strategy For Change

Reposition for Change: Color Printers in Focus

Reading a recent Xerox blog post on the color print opportunity, I was struck by how similar the business challenges of the color printers are to their "sister" industry of AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) printers (a.k.a. reprographers or blueprinters). 

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Topics: Marketing Strategy, Business Insights, Change and Innovation, Branding and Identity

Optics Marketing Review: Booth Review at Photonics West 2012

Booth Review: From the Trade Show Floor

Industry tradeshows are a lot like a trip to the mall: it's an assault on the senses, and the difference in sales between the best and worst merchandisers is a huge split. The people watching is fun and scary, too. What were they thinking? What exactly are they trying to sell me?

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Topics: Optics, Trade Show Strategy, Branding and Identity