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Beer & Blog: Leading Successful Business Development in Technical Companies, with Lisa Belodoff


For today’s Beer & Blog, we spoke with Lisa Belodoff, vice president of business development at Rochester Precision Optics. Lisa has worked in sales and marketing throughout the optics and photonics industry, helping to build LightWorks Optics for successful exit, working in fiber infrastructure at CABLExpress and in medical devices at Masimo. She is a driver of change and growth, and we’re honored to collaborate with her.

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NYS Grant Opportunities to Stimulate Profitable Growth in High Tech

Achieve Your Business and Sales Goals

Do you want to expand your marketing outreach? Are you looking to attract more potential customers and improve sales? While the answer may be an obvious yes, cost can often limit these aspirations. However, new grant funding opportunities may soon help high tech and advanced manufacturing companies achieve their growth goals.

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Marketing Your B2B Tech Company from Startup to Exit


Whether you’re launching your first product or expanding internationally, a strong marketing plan is essential. Ensuring continued growth requires new perspectives and new strategies in many areas of the business. We’ve created a guide with sales and marketing best practices for five different stages of growth. Here are some highlights:

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Three Keys to Successful Change Management: An Interview with Jim Knittel

Change is a constant. It's in times of change that Launch Team becomes involved with clients, whether they’re going through a merger or acquisition, a new product launch, new market entry, or channel reorganization. External and internal communication in these times of change are key.

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Beer & Blog: Optics Industry Sales & Marketing Trends


Recently we spoke with Jeff Nichols, sales manager at PennWell, the organization that publishes Laser Focus World. Trade publications are valuable in reaching niche audiences like optics, photonics and lasers. Jeff is well regarded in these industries for being both practical and strategic in creating advertising plans. Though Jeff and Launch Team President Michele Nichols are not related, they have served many of the same companies, working to meet their advertising and marketing needs. Enjoying a craft beer (see below), they talked through trends in the optics industry right now.

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Beer & Blog: IP Considerations for Second-Stage Growth Companies


Last week, we spoke with Greg Gribben and Katie McGuire of Woods Oviatt Gilman about trademark entity discovery during a company rebrand. This week we'll share our conversation about the main intellectual property challenges for companies in their second stage of growth. From exit strategy to working with outside vendors, growing companies have a lot to consider.

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When Jury Duty Brings Your Business to a Standstill

A Lesson in the Value of Cross-Training

Could the absence of one key team member cause your sales or operations to grind to a stop?

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Driving Change Plans in Family-Owned Businesses

At Launch Team, we are often brought in at a point of change in second stage technology companies; these companies have grown to a certain size and created a brand in some markets but are ready for the next stage of growth. This change is often triggered by new leadership, and in many cases, the next generation of leadership. They bring their own ideas to the business, such as new product launch, new marketing strategy, and interest in entering new markets.

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Critical Decisions over the Course of a Tech Company’s Growth

From start-up to product launch, new market entry to a successful exit, innovators face many common challenges when working to grow their business.

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5 Times It's OK to Fire a Customer

“The customer is always right” is one of the most overused adages in business, and there is a significant degree of truth to it. However, there are times when it is your right or even your obligation to turn down a customer’s request or to respectfully end the relationship altogether. The strength of your business is built on the nos as well as the yeses.

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