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Mental Biases that Derail B2B Marketing Strategy

Are Mental Biases Derailing Your Corporate Strategy?

The presidential debate has spent a lot of airtime on something we businesspeople already know: corporations are people. Whatever the corporation's rights and responsibilities, success and failure comes down to the people that make up the business. And corporate strategy most often fails due to our inherent mental biases.
In a classic McKinsey report, Hidden Flaws in Strategy, Charles Roxburgh outlines the 8 human biases that drive good executives to create flawed strategies:

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Strategy For Change

Reposition for Change: Color Printers in Focus

Reading a recent Xerox blog post on the color print opportunity, I was struck by how similar the business challenges of the color printers are to their "sister" industry of AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) printers (a.k.a. reprographers or blueprinters). 

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Watch for us at: MedTech presents Corning's Innovation Recipe

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