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Technical Content Development: Better Presentations, Part 1

Building Better Technical Talks

presentationScientific presentations are an important but sometimes difficult part of a high tech company's technical content marketing strategy. A bad presentation can not only leave your audience confused but also reflect badly on your company. It doesn’t have to be that way, though.

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PR Tips for Medical Device Product Launch


This month we've teamed up with the documentation experts at Novatek Communications to bring you a collection of resources for medical product launch. So far we've shared our insights on the changing medical device market, tips for improving customer engagement, and critical planning steps for product launch. 

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Content Marketing: Barriers and Wins from the Agency Perspective

The Content Marketing Conundrum

In a June 2014 study of 111 marketing agencies, the two emerging trends may not shock you: 

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Content Marketing and Technical Content Development Tips

Challenges of Technical Content Development

Because we work primarily with high tech companies whose differentiation is their technology, sometimes at the hair-splitting level, we wade in the sea of technical content every day. For the non-engineer, -mathematician, or -scientist, a content marketing strategy seems like a fool's game. A variety of literature suggests approaches to engage employees and to get the most from your high tech company’s technical staff to help develop the excellent content that marketers use to generate qualified leads. There are some very good suggestions, but here’s the rub:

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Content Marketing: What makes good video? (And why should you care?)


Video: A Mighty Medium

There’s no denying that the growth of online video has become a major marketing consideration in the past few years. In December 2013, 188.2 million people in the U.S. watched 52.4 billion online content videos (comScore), and the number of online video users is expected to reach 1.5 billion by 2016 (Cisco). More than half of executives look for more information after seeing a product or service in a video (Forbes), and 57 percent of consumers say that product videos make them more confident in a purchase (MediaPost).

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Social Content Marketing: How to prepare for a Google+ Hangout on Air


Hangouts without the Hang-ups 

Google’s live webcasting tool, Hangouts on Air, can be a great resource for businesses looking to grow their social marketing strategy. It puts faces to your company name, and lets customers get to know your brand in a more personal way. Especially for technical companies, Hangouts on Air can provide an interactive platform for explaining difficult theoretical topics or application questions, while helping to establish your knowledge and credibility.

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18 Months with HubSpot Inbound Marketing: Lessons Learned

Since becoming a HubSpot certified partner 18 months ago, a lot has changed. We’veHubSpot certified partner migrated our site to the HubSpot Content Management System (CMS), started a blog, and gotten a lot more serious about social media. We’ve created several content offers and downloads, implemented Calls to Action (CTA) throughout our site, built landing pages for each offer or CTA, integrated our email marketing with HubSpot, and set up lead nurturing emails (HubSpot calls them workflows because you can automate other things beyond triggering an email). We’ve also gotten used to looking at analytics more frequently and using the results to guide content development, SEO, and in many ways overall company strategy.

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Marketing Metrics - Tracking the Impact of Not Provided

Shifting Marketing Metrics?

Have you noticed that you have less organic search data available? In early February, we highlighted the impact of secure search on our organic search data in 2012. Approximately 31% of our organic search results were "(not provided)". This result means that people are accessing your site via secure search, which prevents you from seeing the search terms they used to find you. 

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Writing Content for SEO & The Impact of Secure Search

The Changing Landscape of Organic Search

If you’ve been paying attention to the headlines over the past year or so, businesses, marketing agencies, SEO practitioners, and other online marketing enthusiasts predict that keyword research as we know it (or knew it), is rapidly diminishing in effectiveness. Keyword research has been the SEO go-to source for website optimization.

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5 Questions to Answer for Effective Content Marketing

What is Quality Content?

There has been considerable buzz lately about the importance of creating quality content as a way to attract and qualify online sales leads. The idea is that through online engagement, in which you share best practices and tips for your particular expertise, for example, you attract higher quality leads. But what kinds of content are considered “quality”, and is more necessarily better?

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