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Trade Show Follow Up: Why Automated Lead Nurture Is a Must


Scenario: You’ve spent the past three days at a trade show. You were really good about not answering emails on your phone while on the exhibition floor. You ran a lead generation promotion that brought in double the leads over last year.

But now it’s Monday. You’re back in the office and your inbox is overflowing. You’ve downloaded the lead list, but there isn’t possibly enough time to do lead qualification research on all of themand certainly not enough time to make calls. How will you ensure consistent lead follow-up?

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Topics: Lead Generation, Email Marketing, Trade Show Strategy, Inbound Marketing

Getting Early Wins from Your Inbound Marketing Strategy


Many business leaders, particularly in manufacturing and high tech companies, are skeptical of inbound marketing; they think it’s “squishy” and question its value to the business. While it does take time to see significant growth, even those just starting to implement inbound strategies can achieve some wins relatively quickly.

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Topics: Marketing Strategy, Inbound Marketing, Lead Generation

Sales & Marketing Alignment – 4 Roadblocks to Inbound Sales Lead Follow-up & How to Get Past Them


When a tree falls in a forest and there is no one around to hear it...

Marketing can generate hundreds or thousands of leads through brilliant inbound marketing content, catchy banners, enticing emails, and stellar social media strategies, but if no one ever follows up with these leads, should they really be called leads? And what purpose do they serve?

Before you throw in the online lead generation towel, first reflect on the roadblocks that might be keeping Sales from following up on these leads. Once you understand the real challenges, you can then find ways to improve Marketing and Sales alignment for better follow-up.

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Topics: Sales, Inbound Marketing, Lead Generation, Marketing and Sales Alignment, Marketing Metrics

Marketing Tip of the Week: Ensure Product Launch Success with These Follow-up Tasks [Video]

MTOTW #52: After the official launch of your new product or service, there are a few key activities that can help ensure continued success:

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Topics: Lead Generation, Product Launch, Marketing Strategy

Marketing Tip of the Week: Optimize Your Website for Today's High Tech Buyer [Video]

MTOTW #51: In manufacturing in the U.S., nearly 40% of the workforce is up for retirement in the next few years. The next generation of technicians and engineers has different buying behaviors, which will likely affect how you sell to them.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, Lead Generation, Marketing Strategy

Marketing Tip of the Week: How B2B Companies Can Win with LinkedIn [Video]

MTOTW #45: More than 60% of B2B marketers consider LinkedIn to be the most effective social media channel for their business. So how should your team be using LinkedIn?

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Topics: Lead Generation, Social Media, Marketing Strategy

Marketing Tip of the Week: Educate with Content in Product Launch [Video]

Companies too often take a narrow approach to their market, which neglecting other lead generation tools for an integrated marketing approach.


Each week, we share a quick tip for marketing success on our YouTube and Instagram channels. Follow us there or subscribe to our blog updates so you never miss a tip.

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Topics: Lead Generation, Content Development, Product Launch, Marketing Strategy

Lead Generation: How One Blog Post Drives 27% of Total Web Traffic, Over 50% of Leads

You’ve probably heard that quality content will serve as a magnet to attract visitors to your website. Once on your site, the visitor will (ideally) provide minimal information in order to download your valuable content.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, Lead Generation, Marketing Metrics

Improve Marketing and Sales Alignment with Metrics

Keep It Simple with Key Metrics

In our previous post, we discussed some ways that your marketing and sales teams can work together to improve lead generation and lead follow-up. In this post we'll talk about how a few key metrics and the right automation tools can keep these activities on track. 

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Topics: Business Insights, Lead Generation, Marketing Metrics, Inbound Marketing, Sales, Marketing and Sales Alignment

Inbound Marketing Basics: Do this! A Quick Guide to Landing Pages

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a webpage where your visitors “land” or are directed after clicking a call-to-action (e.g. a banner ad, promotion, free download) on your website, blog, social networks, etc. Per HubSpot’s definition, a landing page allows you to capture visitor information through a lead form.

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Topics: Marketing Strategy, Lead Generation, Inbound Marketing