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How to Use Internal Communication to Avoid Common Product Launch Traps

New product launch is risky, even for established companies with a defined product development and product launch process. In our work with high tech B2B companies, we’ve noticed a few places where companies often stumble.

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Better Internal Communication Prevents Product Launch Failure


According to a recent study of new product development, 39% of new product launches failed. Often these failures occur when companies don’t have a clear marketing plan, but there are other reasons, too. Improved internal communications can head off a number of these causes.

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Internal Communication for Product Launch: What Info Matters Most?


Selling to Internal Audiences

Preparing to introduce a new product or service is a significant undertaking for any business. You have invested considerable time, money, and resources in developing a great product, honing your message, and planning your marketing activities, and you want those efforts to pay off. Although the ultimate goal is to engage your external audience (potential customers) and get them to buy the product, it’s also important to get buy-in from your team.

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Medical Device Product Launch: Barriers & Pathways to Telemedicine Adoption – A Case Study


Launch Team is collaborating with technical documentation and training company Novatek to explore marketing and product launch challenges in the medical device industry.


In this interview with Paul Thomas, Development Director of Cupris Health, we explore the barriers, strategies and tactics for medical device product launch. Cupris, located in the UK and looking to enter the US market, has developed communication software and smartphone-connected medical devices that enable remote diagnosis and management of patient conditions.

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FAQ: Product Development and Product Launch


Product development is an important entryway into new markets and new opportunities. From R&D to product launch to portfolio management, a lot of planning and collaboration goes into making new products and technologies successful.

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Why Brand Development is Necessary for Product Launch

Launching a company or product is an exciting endeavor. You’ve developed a solution to an unfulfilled consumer need, and you’re ready to share it with the world. But the extensive planning process, from content development to sales training to PR, means your launch team has a lot on its plate.

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Milestones & Metrics for Product Launch Success


Hitting Your Product Launch Targets

New product launch has gotten more challenging in recent years. As corporations have cut back on true R&D, it’s often smaller companies bringing new technologies to market. Many companies experience resource challenges, unclear accountabilities, and ad hoc project teams with competing priorities.

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Marketing Tip of the Week: Ensure Product Launch Success with These Follow-up Tasks [Video]

MTOTW #52: After the official launch of your new product or service, there are a few key activities that can help ensure continued success:

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Improving Internal Communication in Product Launch: 5 Tips for Product Managers

The product manager’s role has changed a lot in recent years for many tech companies. While many managers take the path of engineering into a business role, they are often charged with running the product line like its own business.

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Marketing Tip of the Week: Use the Marketing Roadmap to Plan Your Product Launch [Video]

MTOTW #37: We use our Marketing Roadmap with clients to help them plan the various marketing activities involved in a new product launch.

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