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Sales & Marketing Alignment – 4 Roadblocks to Inbound Sales Lead Follow-up & How to Get Past Them


When a tree falls in a forest and there is no one around to hear it...

Marketing can generate hundreds or thousands of leads through brilliant inbound marketing content, catchy banners, enticing emails, and stellar social media strategies, but if no one ever follows up with these leads, should they really be called leads? And what purpose do they serve?

Before you throw in the online lead generation towel, first reflect on the roadblocks that might be keeping Sales from following up on these leads. Once you understand the real challenges, you can then find ways to improve Marketing and Sales alignment for better follow-up.

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Marketing Tip of the Week: Go Beyond Sales Prospecting with Social Media [Video]

MTOTW #50: Lots of salespeople use social media for prospecting, but it’s useful throughout all stages of the sales process.

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Topics: Social Media, Sales, Marketing Strategy

Marketing Tip of the Week: Use Data to Improve Internal Communication [Video]

MTOTW #48: A data-driven approach can improve communication and alignment among members of your team, especially within your marketing and sales teams. A few key metrics and the right tools can help strengthen your lead generation and follow-up processes.

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Topics: Internal Communication, Marketing Metrics, Marketing Strategy, Sales

Marketing Tip of the Week: Ask If They Want the Puppy (A Lesson in Sales) [Video]

MTOTW #46: There's a CEO of a local tech company who tells a great story. His first job was in a pet store. Customers would come in and happily hold and play with a puppy. But eventually he had to ask: “Do you want the puppy?”

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Marketing Tip of the Week: Don't Shy Away from International Markets; Do Rethink Your International Sales Strategy [Video]

MTOTW #39: If you're looking to win with inbound marketing, don't forget to engage with international markets.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Sales

Marketing Tip of the Week: Balance Your Sales Funnel with Content Marketing [Video]

MTOTW #38: Quality content, delivered through lead nurture programs as part of an inbound marketing strategy, can keep prospects engaged until they are ready to buy.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, Content Development, Marketing Strategy, Sales

Marketing Tip of the Week: Consider This Before Selling Custom Solutions [Video]

MTOTW #32: You’ve successfully launched a range of products and expanded into new markets, and you’ve decided your next step is offering custom solutions. But there are a few things you should consider up front.

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Topics: Business Insights, Product Launch, Sales, Marketing Strategy

Marketing Tip of the Week: Avoid These 5 Common Sales Mistakes [Video]

MTOTW #31: The majority of high tech buyers prefer to sell themselves on a purchase before contacting your salespeople. But once they do reach out, there are five common mistakes that can derail the sale.

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Marketing Tip of the Week: Get Your Sales Team On Board with Inbound Marketing [Video]

Did you know it takes 8-12 touches using phone, email, and social media just to begin a conversation with a lead?


Each week, we share a quick tip for marketing success on our YouTube and Instagram channels. Follow us there or subscribe to our blog updates so you never miss a tip.

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Topics: Business Insights, Sales, Inbound Marketing, Marketing Strategy

A Beer & A Blog: Timing is Everything in Sales Follow-up

Marketing and sales have, in many organizations big and small, operated in silos. The web has brought them together, but it takes more than technology to efficiently align them. Launch Team President Michele Nichols and One Down Consulting Co-Founder Ron Wille have worked to improve revenue with sales and marketing alignment, in their own businesses and in their clients' businesses. Join the conversation as they discuss trends, benchmarks, actionable tips and best practices for ever-better results in this blog series.


Tips for Timing Sales Follow-up

In this week’s conversation between Ron and Michele, we hit on rhythm. The timing of sales follow-up is a question we hear a lot from clients, one we’ve experimented with ourselves, and a vast opportunity for improving your results.

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