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'Eye Contact' in Social Media: Preserving The Human Element

Growing up my parents instilled (forced) their kids into social situations to teach us how to interact with adults. I remember a lot of firm handshakes with eye contact. You could tell a lot about a person just from that brief moment.

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Social Content Marketing: How to prepare for a Google+ Hangout on Air


Hangouts without the Hang-ups 

Google’s live webcasting tool, Hangouts on Air, can be a great resource for businesses looking to grow their social marketing strategy. It puts faces to your company name, and lets customers get to know your brand in a more personal way. Especially for technical companies, Hangouts on Air can provide an interactive platform for explaining difficult theoretical topics or application questions, while helping to establish your knowledge and credibility.

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18 Months with HubSpot Inbound Marketing: Lessons Learned

Since becoming a HubSpot certified partner 18 months ago, a lot has changed. We’veHubSpot certified partner migrated our site to the HubSpot Content Management System (CMS), started a blog, and gotten a lot more serious about social media. We’ve created several content offers and downloads, implemented Calls to Action (CTA) throughout our site, built landing pages for each offer or CTA, integrated our email marketing with HubSpot, and set up lead nurturing emails (HubSpot calls them workflows because you can automate other things beyond triggering an email). We’ve also gotten used to looking at analytics more frequently and using the results to guide content development, SEO, and in many ways overall company strategy.

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Survey Says... Lead Generation Success Varies at Photonics West 2013

Tradeshow Marketing Survey Results At A Glance 

Earlier this month, we asked you to participate in our survey gauging your success at Photonics West 2013. Now the results are in, and we’re sharing what we learned with you. We’ve put them into a handy downloadable SlideShare presentation with charts (link at bottom of post) – so you can see just where you fall among others in the industry. We’ve also compiled some highlights and commentary on the results:

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5 Questions to Answer for Effective Content Marketing

What is Quality Content?

There has been considerable buzz lately about the importance of creating quality content as a way to attract and qualify online sales leads. The idea is that through online engagement, in which you share best practices and tips for your particular expertise, for example, you attract higher quality leads. But what kinds of content are considered “quality”, and is more necessarily better?

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B2B Social Media with Google+

Who is using Google+?

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Google+ and Your High Tech Marketing Strategy

Google+: A rundown

Although it has been criticized as a too-little-too-late competitor to Facebook, a year and a half after its launch, Google+ (sometimes abbreviated as G+) seems to be holding its own. The site ( has 500 million registered users, 135 million of whom are active on a monthly basis, Google announced Dec. 6, and it is the fastest-growing social network.

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PLS Launch Solutions Boosts Writing & B2B Social Media Services

Welcome, Katie Steelman

Katie Steelman, Social Media ExpertKatie Steelman joins PLS as our new marketing writer and social media specialist. As customers recognize that great content attracts prospects through the web, PLS is providing full content development services including public relations, articles, white papers, video scripts, blog and social media content, ebooks, etc.

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Social Media's role in B2B Marketing

How are B2B companies using social media?

Wondering what the “cool kids” are doing? Wondering how social media really relates to your business? You’re not alone. The promise of social media is real, but distinctly different for B2B companies.

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