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Patent Services

Bridge the Gap between Engineering and Legal

Innovation and marketing are the primary functions of the high-growth company. Launch Team can help with both. Our patent practice has provided IP consulting and patent writing to some of the best high tech, materials science and optics companies. Our technical writers are engineers and scientists who can help keep inventors inventing while speeding the patent process and reducing legal costs.

We provide our corporate clients with an attorney-ready patent application, in a format and quality suitable for utility or provisional filing in the USPTO or other patent offices. Our engineering expertise bridges the gap between corporate R&D clients and legal staffs to facilitate patent application and prosecution.

For smaller and emerging growth companies, we serve as a key part of your team, helping you build intellectual property assets, create a differentiator, launch a new product and ultimately build company value.

Our network of Registered Patent Agents and patent attorneys can help you to file and manage your patent portfolio over the life of your patent.

Your patent application can also be leveraged to jump start product launch. Our technical writers build knowledge of your company and invention, and know how to translate the technical writing to marketing and educational content. Your product launch roadmap can help to properly time and execute PR, product announcements, distributor roll-outs and other activities that will lead to product launch success.

What We Do

 IP Portfolio Management

Consulting that helps secure a firm foundation for your product. Build your company value and competitive advantage.

Patent Writing

Free your inventors by providing technical writing, illustration and patent filing with our technical writers and network of patent agents & attorneys.

Patent Mapping

We can catalog, analyze & understand your industry and technology’s patent landscape, identify gaps, risks and opportunities.

Product Launch

Once patented, our marketing team can help you take your invention to market successfully. 

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Your Path to a Patent

Fields of Expertise

  • Electronics
  • Optics
  • Imaging
  • Automation
  • Software
  • Materials Science
  • Nanotechnology
  • MEMS Devices

Patent Services Team

Our team has helped with thousands of patents, which have led our clients to profitable licensing arrangements, divestitures and product launches for industry-leading technologies.

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