Photonics West Workshops

Discuss marketing strategies with Launch Team


Attract Better Buyers: Marketing Workshops at Photonics West

Today's high tech buyers are changing. Are your marketing strategies changing with them?

In an age when your prospects will likely have researched you before even visiting your booth, Launch Team offers strategies to help you stay ahead of changing buyer behaviors.

Launch Team President Michele Nichols will present some of these strategies during two events at Photonics West:

  1. Inbound Marketing: How to Bring Customers to You
    Now Available: Download the Presentation Slides [PDF]

  2. Marketing Roundtable: Wins and Lessons Learned

If you're looking for proven strategies that work for the optics & photonics industry, check out these courses. Launch Team will also be offering a free Marketing Assessment & Consultation to attendees. 

We hope to see you at the show! Until then, download our tip sheet on maximizing trade show ROI.

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Don't Miss Our Events!

Inbound Marketing: How to Bring Customers to You

Learn marketing and sales strategies for attracting and engaging the new technical buyer.

Marketing Roundtable: Wins and Lessons Learned

Compare marketing wins and lessons learned with industry peers. Michele will provide benchmark data and tips for improving ROI.

Both events will be held February 15 in Moscone Center Room 102.


Have questions? Can't make the events but still want to chat? Contact us today.