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Full Marketing Assessment

The challenge of reaching today's high tech buyer requires a marketing strategy that leverages digital and traditional marketing channels to attract and engage customers.

A Launch Team assessment will gauge your message, strategy, and results and return with specific suggestions to improve your sales. Whether your marketing is in-house or outsourced, this assessment provides a prioritized, actionable plan for improvement.

Full assessment: $2,950


What it includes:

A comprehensive report reviewing your inbound marketing strategy, including:

  • Website design, optimization, and navigation
  • Content marketing practices
  • Lead generation and nurturing effectiveness
  • Social media channels, reach and influence
  • Consistency of message, branding 


  • Web surveys of customers and staff 
  • Comprehensive online tools that measure reach and impact
  • Review of collateral and ads you provide
  • Review of tradeshow presence based on schedule and booth images you provide (in person for shows Launch Team attends)
  • 1 hour findings & recommendation consultation
  • 30- and 60-day coaching & follow-up calls (30 min each) 


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marketing for optics and photonics companies


Sample Assessment Report

Your assessment report will include findings and recommmendations for improving your current marketing strategy: