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Businesses that use Social Media regularly have seen a 64% increase in lead generation compared to those not using social media.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing continues to gain a bigger piece of the marketing budget allocation pie, as more business leaders are realizing that social media networks offer tangible value in generating leads and revenue.

Many companies use social media only as a means of broadcasting a message, of getting their product or service “out there.”  But this “megaphone” approach often leads to weak lead generation. 

Your prospects want to be educated. They are looking to improve personally and professionally. Often they are simply searching the web for info – other times they are researching products or services to solve a specific need. 


Here's how we can help:

We help technology companies reach the right audience on the right channels in order to build awareness and generate leads.

Gain audience insight

Listen to what’s being talked about in your industry. What are people’s interests and pain points? What questions can you answer? This can give you ideas for new content and let you be part of the conversation.


Increase web traffic & quality

Our clients repeatedly find that posting on social media about a new whitepaper or a trade show they’re attending causes a spike in their web traffic, and often these individuals visit more pages on the site than the average web visitor.

Claim your message

If you don’t control the conversation about your brand, someone else might. A strong social media presence lets you listen to what people are saying about your company and get your own message across.


Generate leads

For a company just starting with inbound marketing, social media is generally the only (free) way to get new leads fast. Promoting content downloads to specific audiences like LinkedIn groups can give you that initial boost.

Engage with prospects

Connecting with leads on LinkedIn after a trade show, for example, can put you top of mind with your potential customers.

Build brand loyalty

Social networks are a great way to support existing customers and engage with partners.

Promote your product

Promoting new products or services through social media channels can help you reach a wider audience

What We Do:

Develop a social media strategy

Assess the social media channels that will best reach your audience

Set up social media profiles with appropriate branding

Create a style guide for consistent messaging

Other Launch Team Specialties

Patent Services

Our registered patent agents are engineers and scientists who can speed up the patent process and reduce legal costs. 

We provide:

  • IP consulting
  • Patent writing


Internal Launch Communication

Your internal team is vital to the success of your product or service well beyond its initial launch. Employees, sales partners and leadership must have deep knowledge of the product and a commitment to selling it. We can help ensure that everyone is on the same page.


Our extensive market research helps you understand your target audence, especially their pain points, so you can develop messages that resonate with them. A competitive analysis paired with target customer feedback and sales infrastructure analysis prepares you for the next step in the Launch process.


Marketing Execution

Your comprehensive marketing roadmap will incorporate all aspects of your developed strategy including awareness, lead generation, customer feedback and closed loop metrics for evaluating the ROI of your marketing investment. Launch Team can also serve as your outsourced marketing team if your internal resources are not enough.

Positioning & Branding

We'll help you narrow your focus and understand your ideal customer. Using our marketing roadmap, we'll develop an outreach plan that reaches the right buyers in the right way.

Our positioning strategy development covers:

  • Recommendations for your brand
  • Customer perception 
  • Communication of your value proposition


Contact us to discuss your product launch plan and challenges today.