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"The patent system...added the fuel of interest to the fire of genius, in the discovery and production of new and useful things."

Abraham Lincoln

Patent Services: How We Work

Launch Team facilitates the patent process, filing for you or working to support your legal team. Our expertise has helped technology companies reduce patent costs, lessen the burden on inventors and improve the strength and value of their patent. The basic process includes:

  1. Meeting with inventors for initial and subsequent discussions as necessary, often helping to define the invention and obtain the technical details for a quality disclosure
  2. A focused search for prior art, when appropriate
  3. Development of first draft and figures for review
  4. Revision and subsequent drafts based on inventor comments, additions and corrections
  5. Review of content and claims with patent legal staff, as appropriate

We also support follow-up prosecution, helping inventors draft appropriate and timely responses to office actions.

Key Objectives

Ideas Become Property

For our corporate clients who value technical expertise, we provide clear writing and quick response with a focus on clarity and value.

Time Well Spent

Our “low-impact” approach lets our clients work on what they do best, reducing the amount of time required to generate an attorney-ready patent application.

Focus on the Invention

We direct our efforts toward precisely what is needed to support the invention and claims.

Just the Right Detail

We provide draft and finished-form illustrations to help elucidate unique approaches and technologies.

Fields of Expertise

Electronics  •  Optics  •  Imaging  •  Automation  •  Software  •  Materials science  •  Nanotechnology  •  MEMS devices

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