product launch proven marketing strategy

"We hit our targets again and again, growing revenue and recognition. Six years later I still rely on Launch for marketing support across the board.”

President | Engineering Services Company

How we work

Our process is fast paced and results oriented. We work hard to blend our approach and style with your team's day-to-day operations. 

We take responsibility for timelines, developing a quick and effective approval process to stay on track. No matter what stage of the process you're in or the information you have available, we find ways to ensure value.

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Our process

Step 1: Assess

Launch Team starts with a marketing assessment to offer perspective on your current marketing activities. 

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Step 2: Position

The next step varies in scope depending on your project. Positioning can range from a short corporate overview to a half-day workshop with key staff members.

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Step 3: Brand

Launch Team will examine your corporate brand’s look and feel, from logos to white papers, and we'll offer recommendations that we can later implement.

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Step 4: Reach

We'll help you execute the marketing strategies discussed, ensuring that you reach the right customers with the right content at the right time.

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Our promise

Launch Team promises to:

  • Build collaboration and affect change
  • Move at the speed of business
  • Limit the demands on your time and stay on track
  • Design an executable strategy for easy hand-off
  • Listen to your customers
  • Say no—only begin work on projects to which we bring the most value
  • Act now but think long-term
  • Use diverse talents for better problem solving
  • Own the problem and focus on the entire funnel

Launch Team's process includes four basic steps. Although the steps are the same for each client, the scope of each of can change depending on the client's current marketing efforts.

1. Assess

Whether you are preparing for a product launch, considering a redesign of your website, or expanding your marketing efforts to cover a new application or line of business, our marketing assessment will result in an action plan to increase revenue and improve ROI.

Our full team comes together to review your current marketing activities  from trade shows to social media – providing you with a score for each of your customer touchpoints. Often this step involves customer interviews, which provide insight into your brand and its position in the marketplace. These interviews can present new sales opportunities as well, with customers divulging far more information to an impartial interviewer than to sales staff.

The process ends with the delivery of your brand touchpoint scores and next step recommendations, as well as a collaboratively developed marketing roadmap to guide your marketing activities.

2. Position

Launch Team will review the competitive landscape as well as customer research, from web data to surveys to interviews, to help you understand the needs, pain points and language of your customers. This information culminates in a positioning statement communicating the problems your company can solve for customers that your competitors can't. The positioning process gives you the tools to leverage clear messaging and better targeting to increase sales.

3. Brand

Our Launch Team will examine your corporate brand’s look and feel as it's represented on your website, in sales collateral and in your trade show materials. This step results in recommendations to update or modernize your brand and improve brand consistency. Our experienced creative team is available to tackle these updates as needed.

4. Reach

Launch Team can help you execute any or all of the steps on your marketing roadmap. Our outsourced marketing services include content development, lead generation, lead nurture, public relations, media planning and ad design, social media, web design, email campaigns, and more. Collaboration with Launch Team on marketing roadmap execution results in lower headcount, better alignment between your lines of business, and improved P&L .

This process will be different for each client, as it depends on the goals you want to achieve and the range of your existing marketing activities.

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