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3 Marketing Tactics You Should Try, and 3 You Should Trash

In our last post we discussed success stories from our Marketing Roundtable at Photonics West. Participants were pleasantly surprised by the success of activities such as webcasts and social media; however, not all activities you try will generate stellar results. Here we’ll share a few more insights as to which tactics are better bets and which you should avoid or stop altogether.

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Marketing Wins: Stories from the Photonics West Roundtable

Our Marketing Roundtable session at Photonics West provided helpful insights into the kinds of marketing tactics that are working today. Here are some activities that participants – and we, ourselves – have found to be successful.

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Misconceptions that can derail your marketing strategy

Recognizing your own false perceptions

The way you think about your business might actually be creating barriers to your success. When talking to business leaders about their marketing strategy, we are sometimes surprised by the justifications we hear for why certain marketing tactics are and aren't working, as these statements often reveal deeper misunderstandings.

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Why We Do This

I'm boarding a plane for San Francisco. A long month is behind us, and a long week in front of me. Launch Solutions is teaching and presenting and supporting clients at a significant trade show in one of the industries we serve, Photonics West.

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