Getting Early Wins from Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Posted by Michele Nichols on Tue, Oct 18, 2016



Many business leaders, particularly in manufacturing and high tech companies, are skeptical of inbound marketing; they think it’s “squishy” and question its value to the business. While it does take time to see significant growth, even those just starting to implement inbound strategies can achieve some wins relatively quickly.

Recently we heard from two technology companies about their early wins:


“I’ve already gotten a few great emails and phone calls as a result of the email we sent today announcing our expansion. One is a pretty big business opportunity. Yay!” Chris, VP, manufacturing

Challenge: Get the word out to new prospects and change perception with existing customers
Strategy: Consistent, on-message integrated marketing
How Launch can help: Company positioning followed by retained outsourced marketing


“We took your advice and promoted a very narrow, very technical white paper in an industry-specific private LinkedIn group, and the first day, got nine leads. That doesn’t sound like many, but nine very qualified leads is a huge win for us.” John, CEO, capital equipment

Challenge: Increase qualified leads for capital equipment
Strategy: Develop and promote educational, application-specific content
How Launch can help: Ongoing consulting to guide internal resources and optimize existing efforts and spend


There’s no blanket prescription for marketing tactics that work. The right promotional channels, message, content types, and “hooks” will be different for every company and audience. When developing a marketing roadmap, we consider:

  • Available budget and resources
  • Existing opportunities, events, and activities to leverage
  • Your customer’s habits, emotional triggers, interests, motivations
  • Your target industry: purchase cycles/seasonality, trends, technology drivers

Most importantly, marketing is never one and done. Betting on a single tactic is not a strategy. A well-executed marketing strategy will include a range of tactics so that you can properly measure and compare outcomes to maximize marketing ROI.

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