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Meghan Maloney | Application Analyst

While at work, you will most likely find Meghan with headphones in, waist deep in a client's Salesforce instance. When she's not at work, Meghan is still enjoying technology, only she's more likely to be found playing The Witcher 3 on her PS4.

What brought you to Launch? 

I've done a lot of customer service work in my past, and I've found that I really enjoy helping people. In particular I enjoy teaching people what I learn. That was a big part of why I became interested in Salesforce to begin with.

I found Launch Team on the path to train and learn more about the tool. This opportunity opened a door for me and allowed for continued learning while working towards the final SF training. The best part is I'm doing something I enjoy.


What are you most looking forward to in the position?

The most fun and interesting thing is meeting with clients. I have fun meeting new people, and doing on-site visits also allows us to get a vibe for their company, see the offices, and meet more of their team.


What do you feel is an important quality in a role like yours?

As a Salesforce consultant, you need to be really good at listening. People in a problem solving profession sometimes want to jump in as soon as the client starts talking to give them an answer. I think it's really important to stop and listen before deciding on a solution. This allows you to really understand a customer's problem and their goals.


One of the bigger challenges companies face with implementations is adoption. How does your role with Launch Team offer a solution to this for partners?

I think the most important thing for adoption is helping everyone feel like they've been heard and to see the value of their work in the company and in the tool.

When it comes to training, a user has to be given enough time in the platform to learn how to operate in it. When employees don’t understand, are overwhelmed, or just bored with the training they are more likely to shut down. At this point, interest and open-mindedness is diminished. I try to do my best with creating training that is interesting to listen to and look at. Staying engaged with delivery can make a huge difference and helps you pay attention to the people in the room. Non-verbal cues and signals help guide pauses for questions or more in-depth explanations.


What did you want to be when you were younger? Does that translate into anything you do today?

I always thought that I wanted to be writer. While I work on the technical projects with Launch Team, I still do a lot of writing on my own time, mostly creative writing and poetry. I also get some good practice in writing content for training sessions and our blog. Check out one of Meghan's blogs here: When Should a Small Business Add a CRM System?


Our whole team really enjoys learning new things related or unrelated to our work. What’s something new you've recently learned more about?

I just got back from a trip to Salem, and I went because I was interested in the "witchy" history. While there I found out the Salem has an equally fascinating history with piracy, so I took time to learn a lot about the port there and read some interesting stories in the museums.


What brings out your inner geek?

So many things! I could talk about plants, insects, or occult history for hours. I enjoy reading tarot, and I find the history of the cards fascinating. They are visually interesting given the variety of decks available. I also really enjoy growing house plants. I have a collection of orchids I've been growing for 5-6 years.


Learn more about Meghan and our team's work with Salesforce Implementation and training here.


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