A New Perspective on a Familiar Role — Meet Alison Arnold


Alison Arnold | Program Manager

While at work, Alison is most likely collaborating with colleagues to identify how to best bring value to our clients. Outside the office, Alison can be found at a little league game or other sporting event cheering her kids on.

1. You are one of the newer members of the team, and we’re so excited to have you on board! You have an extensive background in marketing; what type of industries did you previously work in?
I’ve been in marketing for 21 years across various industries, including software, architecture and engineering, and high-tech manufacturing. In those roles, I had a full range of projects from marketing strategy down to the more day-to-day tactical work. I've always enjoyed the content writing and editing part of my marketing roles. 

The main difference between my past experience and this role is that I’ve always been on the client side of things, so this is my first time getting to work from this perspective.

2. What interested you in making a move to a marketing firm? Why Launch Team?

I was first introduced to Launch Team a few years ago through one of my previous positions with Arnold Magnetic Technologies. Launch was on board when I started, so I began to work closely with them and grew to respect everything they brought to the table. I worked closely with Beth and Michele for a couple years on different marketing projects and, at one point, a full marketing retainer. We completed a wide range of projects with them: a website re-design, advertisements, trade show booths, and collateral. Through those years, I gained a lot of respect for the work Launch did to help companies devise and implement full-scale marketing strategy.

3. So, you’ve had the opportunity to stand in our clients' shoes, which will help you hit the ground running. Having worked in a more technical/engineering industry before joining the team, are there any specific skills that you think will help you in this new role?

I had the opportunity to realize how important marketing was in every industry and how important measurable results can be. Even if, as a marketing person, you don’t fully understand the technology side of a company, you have to take the time to craft the skills needed to get everyone to come to the table to make a decision and move forward. I’ve learned how important showing the results of marketing efforts can be to the success of a campaign, bridging the gap between marketing and engineering, and finding common ground.

4. What are you most excited about in your new role with Launch?
I’m excited about the challenge. There is a wide variety of clients here, especially with the growth of the company into sales technology. I look forward to helping others reach a point where they can show successful marketing results. The best part is leading that charge on behalf of our clients.

5. What are some marketing trends you’re most interested in right now?
I've just scratched the surface in HubSpot and Salesforce, so I’m excited to learn more about those platforms and how they fit into our clients' strategies. It seems like the full sales offering really filled a gap at Launch Team because having visibility into the whole sales process is becoming more of a need than a want for clients. It helps marketing teams tie back to ROI. And what's more important than that? 

6. Do you have any secret talents?
There is one talent I just started working on, so I guess it could still be considered a secret. I’m trying to teach myself how to do hand lettering. It’s just a great creative outlet for me. I bought a workbook and a few beautiful pens. So far, I’ve made a few thank you cards.

7. Are you reading anything interesting right now?
I’ve really been into what I call the “classics,” the books I read in high school. It’s been fun to buy copies of those books and read them again with my kids. I get to see them through the eyes of an adult, and not someone who is just trying to complete their homework!

Right now, my son and I are just about to read A Wrinkle in Time. For books like that, its fun for us to read the book then go see the movie together.

8. Do you have any pets?
I do; I have a dog, “Lucky.” He’s a 3-year-old Cavapoo (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mixed with a Toy Poodle). He’s really like a third son; I love all animals, but I really love dogs! When people bring their dogs into the office, it totally makes my day.

9. Do you have a fun fact to leave us with?
Well, the day this Meet the Team interview is published is actually my birthday! I'm 29 again this year. 

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