Meet Mike Holihan | Director of Marketing


At work, Mike is most likely collaborating and brainstorming with team members on new ideas for customers to increase lead generation and improve the effectiveness of their nurture campaigns.

When not at work, Mike is most likely spending time with his son and daughter or (if its Fall), cheering on the Buffalo Bills!

  1. You’re fairly new to the team, so I have to ask – what brought you to Launch?

I’ve worked on the client side as a Marketing Director for B2B companies for a long time, but I felt that I was ready to apply what I’ve learned in those positions to other companies looking to improve their marketing strategy. It’s a great next step for my professional growth.

In terms of choosing Launch Team, I had experience with the team in the past, and they seemed very different from other agencies because of the focus and knowledge on B2B, inbound, and marketing technology. I wanted to be able to work with a company that really represented the areas I’m passionate about.

Plus, I really like the vibe – it’s genuinely about the work not just flash or marketing fluff. That’s different from what some other agencies give off. Everyone is kind of nerdy – I like that.

  1. With your move from the customer side to the firm side, what has been the most challenging and/or rewarding aspects?

With the diversity of clients, it’s come with the challenge of getting up to speed on every market, product, and service. However, that’s been the most rewarding aspect so far; I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to jump from client to client and dig in. I’ve been able to take my expertise and ideas for programs and apply them in new ways across the different markets with “new flavors.”

  1. That’s a great point! Coming from that perspective, what do you think will be the most valuable part of your past experience in terms of better serving our customers?

I think being responsible for marketing projects and having to deliver on marketing ROI in my past has helped me approach customer projects with a realistic, data-driven mindset. I’ve worked under tight budgets and had to learn how to be creative with the money available and which “marketing levers” to pull to hit the goals in mind. 

Even some of the internal communication challenges I’ve faced, such as getting cross-functional collaboration within a company or working towards better sales and marketing alignment will be a valuable perspective when helping customers.

  1. You did some product launch work in your past positions too, right?

Yes. It’s been my experience to always start by working to understand requirements, goals, and stakeholders internally during a launch. The cross-functional collaboration I mentioned is really important here. I’ve learned how essential it is to have an internal communication plan during a product launch that allows sales, marketing, engineering/development, and an executive team to work together. That can be a hard mash up of departments, opinions, and even goals!

  1. What project are you most excited about?

For one of our customers, I got to come in right at the beginning stages of a partnership. They have a really interesting product offering that they are hoping to launch across several different markets. In addition to it being an awesome “fresh start” project to join, I’m excited that I get to see them grow their marketing strategy. We’ve worked through a lot of key projects with them that will really shape their next few years, including positioning, and market research. I hope to continue helping them as they become ready for marketing technology, lead generation programs, and awareness campaigns in new markets.

  1. In addition to industry research, what’s one of the coolest thing you’ve been learning more about?

I’ve done a lot of work with inbound marketing over the years, but in the last year or so  I have done work researching and implementing Account Based Marketing programs. It’s an effective strategy for a small, targeted group of buyers. A good account-based marketing strategy tries to understand all the people involved in the buying process and target each of them, so clean data and accurate personas are important. I really enjoy marketing technology, so it’s been interesting to learn more about the technology that supports this strategy too.

  1. What’s something that really brings out your inner geek?

I really do geek out on marketing technology – it’s something that I love. But, American History is something that I really like digging into. I’m almost always working through a non-fiction or biography book with an important figure or movement in American History. I love the Colonial Era, Civil War Era, and the 1960’s really interest me.

  1. What are some of your other hobbies?

I like being outside, whether it’s hiking, gardening, or running.

I also like going to different breweries and trying different beer. Rochester has a lot of options, so it’s hard to pick the best beer, but my favorite place is Lock 32 in Pittsford.

  1. What’s something no one would know about you?

I’ve never had a cavity. Knock on wood.



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