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Is HubSpot Worth It? The Answer Your CEO Doesn't Want to Hear

You’re nine months into a one-year contract with HubSpot, and suddenly your CEO has noticed the quarterly charge on the corporate card. He seems to have forgotten all of the “long game” conversations you had when you sold him on the idea and now just wants metrics. Is it working? What’s the ROI? Is it worth it?

The answer to these questions might be a simple and very common one: We haven’t put enough effort into it to actually tell.

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Summer Reading List: 5 Books That Will Help You Improve Sales from HubSpot

Summer is a time for road trips and lazy days. But that doesn’t mean we can’t learn a little, too. Looking to make the most of your car or beach time? Here are five quick reads to improve your HubSpot marketing ROI. Of course, we’ve already done the reading, so if you prefer the Cliff Notes, feel free to skim our takeaways.

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Celebrating 5 Years as a HubSpot Certified Partner

Launch Team Inc. is pleased to announce that we've been certified as a HubSpot Partner for the fifth consecutive year. This partnership enables us to offer the HubSpot CMS and CRM platforms to clients to improve their online marketing and sales.

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Launch Solutions Team Member Attains HubSpot COS Design Certification

Congratulations to PLS Web Design Specialist Beth Shope for achieving HubSpot COS Design Certification! Beth completed approximately 20 hours of training, passed a comprehensive test and successfully completed a hands-on practicum in order to demonstrate her proficiency in the HubSpot COS platform and best practices.

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Launch Solutions Earns HubSpot Certification for 2014

We are pleased to announce that Beth Shope, Katie Steelman and John Veckerelli have successfully completed HubSpot Inbound Certification! To be awarded this certification, Beth and John "demonstrated a mastery of the real-world application of inbound theory and practice using the HubSpot software."

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18 Months with HubSpot Inbound Marketing: Lessons Learned

Since becoming a HubSpot certified partner 18 months ago, a lot has changed. We’veHubSpot certified partner migrated our site to the HubSpot Content Management System (CMS), started a blog, and gotten a lot more serious about social media. We’ve created several content offers and downloads, implemented Calls to Action (CTA) throughout our site, built landing pages for each offer or CTA, integrated our email marketing with HubSpot, and set up lead nurturing emails (HubSpot calls them workflows because you can automate other things beyond triggering an email). We’ve also gotten used to looking at analytics more frequently and using the results to guide content development, SEO, and in many ways overall company strategy.

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