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Launch Solutions Earns HubSpot Certification for 2014

We are pleased to announce that Beth Shope, Katie Steelman and John Veckerelli have successfully completed HubSpot Inbound Certification! To be awarded this certification, Beth and John "demonstrated a mastery of the real-world application of inbound theory and practice using the HubSpot software."

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18 Months with HubSpot Inbound Marketing: Lessons Learned

Since becoming a HubSpot certified partner 18 months ago, a lot has changed. We’veHubSpot certified partner migrated our site to the HubSpot Content Management System (CMS), started a blog, and gotten a lot more serious about social media. We’ve created several content offers and downloads, implemented Calls to Action (CTA) throughout our site, built landing pages for each offer or CTA, integrated our email marketing with HubSpot, and set up lead nurturing emails (HubSpot calls them workflows because you can automate other things beyond triggering an email). We’ve also gotten used to looking at analytics more frequently and using the results to guide content development, SEO, and in many ways overall company strategy.

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B2B Marketing Strategy – HubSpot Marketing Benchmarks in Focus

Content Drives Website Traffic & Generates Qualified Sales Leads 

Recently, HubSpot released their marketing benchmark report compiled from results of 7000+ HubSpot customers representing a wide range of industries - B2B and B2C. Using data collected in July and August 2012, HubSpot analyzed the relationships between key inbound marketing activities and the volume of traffic and leads that correlate with those activities. HubSpot analyzed website pages, landing pages, blogging, Twitter reach, and Facebook reach. The report provides insights by business type (B2B vs. B2C) and by company size (by number of employees).

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PLS Launch Solutions Partners with HubSpot to Provide Inbound Marketing for Tech Companies


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