An optics manufacturer doubled web traffic in one year and closed 6-figure accounts from web leads.

Inbound Marketing

Your customer is changing, and your strategy should, too. We’ve seen the trend with the optics, advanced manufacturing, engineering services and other high tech industries we serve: the percent of qualified leads from digital marketing activity is growing each year.

For an audience that is likely to make a decision about your company before even contacting you, an effective inbound marketing strategy is crucial.


What Is Inbound Marketing vs. Content Marketing?

Inbound marketing and content marketing are the same thing; bringing customers to you. It involves the creation and optimization of quality content that pulls in prospects at their point of interest. It is focused on customers' needs, language, interest, and timing.

Customers go through different stages as they are making their decision and evaluating information:

Strangers > Visitors > Leads > Customers > Promoters

Sales cycles are long, and inbound can help you reach customers at the right level at the right time.

Inbound Marketing Methodology


Attract high-quality leads with blogs, social media and search

Social Media


Strangers  >  Visitors



Provide sales prospects with the right content at the right time

Calls to action
Landing pages


Visitors  >  Leads



Nurture prospects and make the sale when they are ready to buy

Lead scoring
CRM integrations


Leads  >  Customers



Test and measure activities to know what is and isn't working

Social media
Smart calls to action


Customers  >  Promoters


Inbound + Outbound = An Integrated Approach

It's not all or nothing.

Many B2B companies are adjusting their marketing budgets to make room for more inbound, at the expense of outbound. However, we have found that a combination of inbound and outbound—or digital and traditional—marketing is often the most successful for our clients.

An integrated marketing approach allows you to leverage all of the ways your brand reaches a customer in order to achieve the biggest impact.



Social media

Public relations

Search engine optimization

White papers, eBooks, articles, datasheets

Webinars and videos 



Cold calling

Tradeshows and events


Direct mail


Direct sales support

Sales coaching

"I don't know how you can expect the Business Development guys to go find the work. It's a big world out there. The work has got to find you."
Director of Business Development | Prime Contractor, Defense

Inbound Content

Writing about your product or service is hard. We make it easy. With three technical writers on staff, our ability to produce technical content goes well beyond what our competitors provide.

In the highly technical industries we serve, our content development process provides clients with the marketing they need at the right level of technicality. Most often this process begins with our writer interviewing a member of your technical team. Longer content can be turned around in two weeks with shorter content often taking a single week.

Inbound Marketing Platforms

Launch Team works with various inbound marketing platforms, continually reassessing to ensure we recommend the most appropriate solution.

In 2012, we became a Certified HubSpot Partner. As a Partner, we're able to get you started quickly and ensure that you maximize the possibilities of marketing automation.