Sales Marketing Automation

47% of companies rank increasing sales as the top goal for marketing automation, but only 8% see increased sales in the first 6 months.

Marketing Automation Trends Survey, Benchmarking Report

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation can be powerful—it’s been shown to improve conversion rates by 300%but the technology is new and fast-changing. Ownership and accountability for this technology can be confusing, and vendors often focus on either the technology or the marketing—not both.

The goal of a seamless customer experience is challenging if the strategy, tactics and "plumbing" are not in alignment.

Launch Team is certified in two of the largest platforms for marketing automation:, including the Marketing Cloud and Pardot, and HubSpot, and are experienced users in several other platforms. We can help you through the whole process, from strategy, tool selection, marketing tactics and asset development to implementation and optimization.

Launch Team’s Marketing Automation Services

We start with the basics: why, when and how customers use your product or service. We're able to look at your market and opportunities, short and long-term, from the perspective of your customers, your customers' customers, your competition and sales force. We understand your technology, the sales dynamics and market drivers affecting your sales, and the proven keys to success of specific campaigns. Why? We're practical, customer- and results-focused, and have broad and deep knowledge of the industries we serve and the technologies that drive sales and marketing today.

Connecting the Pieces

Marketing Intelligence

  • Data-driven marketing approach
  • Market research
  • Customer personas
  • Ongoing marketing intelligence and marketing metrics review, recommendations and optimization

Marketing Automation

  • Marketing strategy
  • Marketing automation platform implementation
  • Inbound marketing content plan
  • Marketing asset creation
  • Inbound marketing services

Workflow Automation

  • Customer persona development
  • Customer journeys
  • Marketing automation best practices
  • Dynamic content
  • Lead follow-up best practices
  • Sales and marketing alignment

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation refers to the software platforms and technologies designed to make multi-channel online marketing more effective and efficient by automating routine tasks. When done well, it allows you to personalize and support a customer's buying journey while saving sales and marketing time and energy. It can be used to more consistently and effectively execute important everyday tasks like order confirmation, and can provide targeted content to leads as they move through the sales funnel, nurturing leads from first interest to sale.


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