Marketing Budget Tool Kit

Resources to guide and manage your marketing budget

Tips and Resources for Planning Your Marketing Spend

In recommending marketing budgets, it’s important to make sure you’re allocating the right amount to the right activities to support your growth.  It's equally important that you have a smart tool to track and report your budget. Our marketing budget tool kit provides both.

The Marketing Budget tip sheet provides practical guidance on:

  • Top-down budgeting approach
  • Bottom-up budgeting approach 
  • Diversifying your marketing mix
  • Using the 80/20 rule to focus on the right customers and products

Our Marketing Budget Template is an Excel workbook that is plug and play for your budget.  With this workbook you can:

  • Manage your budget and actual spend by categories, month over month
  • Keep a log of your invoices and expenses
  • Report on spend and budget by category and project

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Marketing Budget Tool Kit