A Proven Go-To-Market Plan

"The Launch Team is smart, committed, and flexible. Their work was instrumental in building market awareness and acceptance."

Rob Ellis, VP of Strategic Planning | Lake Shore Cryotronics

Product Launch

A Proven Go-To-Market Plan

You’ve spent months, maybe years, developing your advanced technology. Now it's finally ready to hit the market, and you want to ensure its success.

It’s our priority to get your product or service to market quickly and effectively. We will work with you throughout every stage of your launch to create winning strategies that let you begin selling. Our proven process culminates in an integrated approach, leveraging a variety of mediums and resources for targeted leads and best ROI.

Working together, we will determine a timeline that meets the needs of your launch, ensuring that you go to market on time and on budget.

Launch Stage: Top Priorities


Market Research


Competitive Analysis


Brand Development


Channel Strategy

Creating Interest & Demand



Sales Strategy



Lead Generation

Buyer Behavior

Closed Loop Metrics

Product Launch Plan & Strategy Guide

Our downloadable, fill-in-the-blank checklist lets you outline and track your progress throughout each stage of the launch process.

The guide includes tips to: map out content creation, generate buzz around the launch, train sales and channel partners, capture feedback and keep momentum


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Internal Launch Communication

Your internal team is vital to the success of your product or service well beyond its initial launch. Employees, sales partners and leadership must have deep knowledge of the product and a commitment to selling it. We can help ensure that everyone is on the same page.


Marketing Execution

Your comprehensive marketing roadmap will incorporate all aspects of your developed strategy including awareness, lead generation, customer feedback and closed loop metrics for evaluating the ROI of your marketing investment. Launch Team can also serve as your outsourced marketing team if your internal resources are not enough.


Our extensive market research helps you understand your target audence, especially their pain points, so you can develop messages that resonate with them. A competitive analysis paired with target customer feedback and sales infrastructure analysis prepares you for the next step in the Launch process.


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Positioning & Branding

We'll help you narrow your focus and understand your ideal customer. Using our marketing roadmap, we'll develop an outreach plan that reaches the right buyers in the right way.

Our positioning strategy development covers:

  • Recommendations for your brand
  • Customer perception 
  • Communication of your value proposition