Sales Consulting

13% of sales reps bring in 87% of the revenue.

Do you have the systems and processes in place to build upon their success?

Sales Consulting

Organizations spend a significant amount of money on sales and marketing in order to drive their top line. When you think about the people, initiatives, programs, training and technology that is required to not only grow the top line but to stay competitive, the investment is staggering. 

Are you investing wisely? Does your organization know how to use these tools effectively? Do you have the best sales process and, more importantly, is it being used?

Excellent tools are available today, but most organizations have not kept up with the advances. Launch Team can help you make sense of these sales and marketing technologies in order to increase your operational effectiveness and drive the top line.

Track Record of Success

900% Growth

Built a sales process and team that achieved 900% growth in 3 years.

  • Salesforce CRM implementation
  • CRM rollout and sales training
  • Sales and sales management coaching

2X U.S. Market Presence

Doubled revenue year-over-year for a company looking to increase their US market presence through an online service.

  • CRM selection and implementation
  • Metrics and best practices definition
  • Ongoing training and support

Revenue Growth

Increased revenue by creating a sales process and implementing Salesforce to support it. From hiring to accountability and coaching, we’ve provided the guidance and support to help companies grow.

Define Your Sales Process

Our team has a track record of success, helping companies achieve their target growth plans. We can help you define a sales process, establish a better method of business development, or increase sales for existing accounts. We can also help you figure out how to manage and coach your existing sales team.

We offer: 

  • Sales consulting
  • Sales process development
  • Account management programs
  • Sales and marketing alignment
  • Sales automation tool selection, validation, and refinement

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