From Engineer to Entrepreneur:
Sales & Marketing Strategies for Start-ups

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Track Outline

Unit 1: Design for Growth - Marketing

Step-by-step, we'll help you to identify and communicate your company's unique value. You'll perform a SWOT analysis, pinpoint your solution to your customer's problems, and craft key messages that clearly communicate your value to your prospects. To help you create and reach your goals, we will also review industry benchmarks and help you develop your key performance indicators (KPIs).

Unit 2: Finding Customers

In this unit, we walk you through how to identify target companies and to create buyer personas to deliver the effective marketing messages to the right people with less guesswork. We also cover everything you need to know about CRM systems for successful adoption and utilization.


Unit 3: Design for Growth - Sales

Unit 3 establishes your sales foundation. You'll develop a sales process, learn about inbound and outbound marketing, and prepare a CRM system for working leads.


Unit 4: Put Your Plan into Action

This unit is all about action. You've laid the groundwork, now it's time to make it a reality. You'll come away with specific marketing tactics, a marketing schedule, executable tactics, and metrics to measure ROI.


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