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"Working with Launch Team is easy. Everybody is customer focused and working hard to make us successful."

Neil Elli, President | Empire Precision

Empire Precision Plastics

The Client: Empire is a precision manufacturing firm located in Rochester, NY that specializes in injection molding, SPDT diamond turning, polymer optics and contract assemblies.

The Challenge: When Empire Precision Plastics came to Launch Team they had recently acquired an optics company and were completely new to that industry. This injection molder looked to create a competitive advantage from its optics division, as well as create steady and significant company-wide growth. Our optics knowledge has helped Empire to build a website that doubled in traffic in the first year, and sales and marketing process that generates and closes the right kind of leads.

How We Helped: Launch Team deployed a new website and implemented an inbound marketing strategy with ongoing web and social media content. For the Empire project, our content development methodology was based on the fact that their team was still learning about the optics industry. We helped the knowledge transfer between the optics founders and new leadership team progress smoothly. Based on our previous experience in optics marketing, Launch Team helped support key business strategies, make key introductions and guide them through marketing decisions.

Key Component:  The main success factor in this project was our content methodology. Our ability to seek out stories from the acquired company, customers, and employees working on the factory floor helped us develop successful lead generating content. We were able to help Empire build bridges with their acquired leadership team that were needed in order to accelerate work and desired results. Our background in optics made engineers and technicians willing to share their knowledge with us. Launch Team's credibility and expertise proved to Empire that we had their best interest in mind with each decision.

Empire Precision | A Launch Team Success Story


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