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“I have worked with many agencies, and very few have the across the board responsiveness of Launch. This doesn't happen by accident. It requires a high level of commitment to client service and relationships.”

Carolyn Eastman, Director of Marketing | Harklinikken


The Client
With clinics on 3 continents, this organization is a world leader in hair restoration and scalp disorders. Their web based sales and service launch brought them to us.

The Challenge
The client came to Launch Team looking for a rapid and strategic launch of a new US website with architecture to support their global expansion. Wanting to break into the highly competitive US market with a different approach, they sought a marketing mix that would build brand awareness and loyalty while upholding their company philosophy of transparency, evidence-based education, and personalization.

How We Helped
Understanding the tight time to market and need to self-fund, Launch Team acted as their marketing department, designed a new website and applied an inbound marketing strategy, choosing earned and social media to promote the brand. Customer success, case studies, and education on the technology were key. Blogs, ebooks, and social media posts were implemented by our team to drive traffic. Working in phases, we have built an e-commerce and service infrastructure that allows them to scale fast. From a media tour to consulting on e-commerce operations, we function as a true partner to the company's CEO.

The Results
In 4 months working with Launch Team, traffic grew 250% and leads 300%. 

Key Component
Establishing credibility and trust in an online market filled with false promises had to be managed in order to make the complete marketing strategy work. By developing client profiles, building third-party testimonials, and honing in on the company philosophy, we were able to construct content that conveyed the appropriate message. Through our strategy we created a two-way dialogue to increase, clients, loyalty, referrals and awareness. A well-trained customer support system available to guide clients through the hair restoration process was also assembled in order to build trust.

Harklinikken | Launch Team Customer Success



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