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"Lake Shore Cryotronics products are sophisticated and complicated, but what our scientific customers do with them is ten times more complicated. We didn’t think a marketing company could 'get' what we do, until we met Launch Team."

Rob Ellis, VP of Strategic Planning | Lake Shore Cryotronics

Lake Shore

The Client
Located in Columbus, OH, Lake Shore is a global innovator in measurement and control solutions for the research market. A manufacturer of probes, sensors, and instruments, Lake Shore supports advanced scientific research.

The Challenge
This second-generation materials test and measurement company needed fresh branding and messaging to reflect its broader vision and to assert its leadership in the global research community. Their highly technical products and customers presented a challenge. Doctoral level content established credibility, but put a strain on their staff to produce. Marketing companies struggled to understand their sensors and systems landscape.


How We Helped
Starting with a full brand assessment and customer interviews, we gauged the needs in all areas of Lake Shore’s marketing strategy. We were then able to implement a complete marketing strategy and marketing roadmap to advance and promote new products as well as the brand.

By re-allocating print advertising budget to an integrated strategy with measurable results, we’ve helped them build their presence and bandwidth for growth. Their new branding focuses on their emerging customer and better positions them for leadership in fields such as magnetics and materials characterization as natural extensions to its original specialty, low temperature measurement. The addition of an automated inbound lead generation and nurture program has proven successful for Lake Shore, generating new leads and increasing visibility among existing leads.

Public relations, tradeshow booth design, strategy and support, social media, blogging, as well as white papers, webinars and other content development – like Google+ hangouts – have allowed Lake Shore to make the most of its technical expertise and reach its most relevant audience.

Lake Shore  | Launch Team Success Story

“Michele and her team are smart, committed, and flexible. Their work was instrumental in building market awareness and acceptance before we launched our new THz system. Launch Team continues to be a key partner in keeping our marketing efforts on point; engaging with us in public relations, social media, content development and advertising management.”

Rob Ellis, Vice President of Strategic Planning | Lake Shore Cryotronics

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