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Novatek Communications

The Client
Launch Team has had a professional relationship with Novatek for several years, growing from marketing strategy guidance to outsourced marketing support week after week as results prove out. CEO Amy Castronova has been careful to keep the founder, her mother’s legacy but to build a brand that’s forward-thinking and modern. Our work together in branding and marketing have helped to embrace both.

The Challenge
Novatek was rethinking their sales process when we came on board. The CEO, in working tightly with sales and marketing, wanted to collaborate in strategies that paid off, and spend more time on leadership and organization building. The company was also receiving too many stagnant leads from tradeshows, networking and referrals. Those poor leads were probably impacted by the fact that their current branding and language projected their services as a commodity.

How We Helped
In order to preserve the legacy of the company we had to give new life to their brand; we did this by modernizing it and repositioning their service offering. Changing the language Novatek was using in their marketing strategy contributed to their repositioning. Launch Team also implemented an inbound strategy, putting their partnership with HubSpot to use. The inbound marketing included blogging, white papers and social media.

Key Component
We first honed in on their target customer. Understanding the ideal customer, their concerns, drivers, buying behaviors and language was a key first step. In medical devices, risk management has proved out to be the tipping point between commodity and valued service partner. By understanding each variable in the sales process, Launch Team has been able to attract and engage more of the right people for Novatek's business.


The Results

A 65% increase in leads and 32% more web traffic in three months after Launch Team re-wrote web and inbound content to optimize for keywords and to target the right customer profile. 



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