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"Launch Team set us up on HubSpot, and within a month we had over 300 responses from potential new customers."

Dr. James Greer, President | PVD Products

PVD Products

The Client
PVD Products is a vacuum equipment manufacturer located in Wilmington, MA that specializes in standard and custom thin film deposition equipment.


The Challenge
PVD Products brought on Launch Team as their marketing partner to update the brand with a refreshed look, offer new key messaging and establish a platform for thought leadership. Their goal was to lay a foundation of these marketing and sales alignment tactics for future generations of management.


How We Helped
Launch Team designed a new website for PVD and executed an inbound marketing strategy with ongoing web and social media content. Our technical writing team members developed a comprehensive eBook and promoted it across social media channels, focusing on industry-relevant LinkedIn groups. This eBook targeted PVD's key audiences: the production and R&D markets. Launch Team’s expertise in the buyer’s journey allowed this eBook to be a valuable resource for customers in various buying stages, while establishing thought leadership for PVD.

The Results

  • In two days, we saw 36 new leads
  • In one week, we saw 246 new leads
  • In one month, we saw 322 new leads
  • 32% conversion rate on landing page
  • 94% of downloads came from LinkedIn groups and company page
  • 10.2% click-through-rate on automated workflow follow-up emails
  • 1914% increase in site traffic from social
  • 8-21% increase in new sessions across all site traffic sources

"PVD Products has found working with Launch Team to be very fruitful. They set us up on HubSpot and within a month we had over 300 responses from potential new customers. They have taken a variety of marketing projects when requested and delivered everything on time. They are creative and very professional, and we look forward to working with them for many years to come."

Dr. James Greer, President | PVD Products


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