A nanotech company achieved 4x the leads by improving trade show strategy and pre- and post-show campaigns.

Marketing Strategy and services

A New Marketing Approach for High Tech Companies

Growing your business starts with creating awareness and need. You succeed when customers see the need, are aware of your solution and take action. That's not a given — the more complex the technology, the bigger the challenge.

What Do We Mean By Marketing?

From branding to education to lead generation and supporting the close, marketing is about identifying, engaging and delighting the right customers.

Marketing paves the road for sales


Identify the right customer


Raise their awareness


Inspire action


Close the sale / Deliver successfully

Launch Team’s marketing services

We start with the basics: why, when and how customers use your product or service. We're able to look at your market and opportunities, short and long-term, from the perspective of your customers, even your customers' customers, competition and sales force. We understand your technology, the sales dynamics and market drivers affecting your sales, and the proven keys to success of specific campaigns. Why? We're practical, customer- and results-focused, with broad and deep knowledge of the industries we serve.

Launch Team Marketing Services

  • Strategic marketing plans
  • Product launch planning
  • Marketing roadmap
  • Brand and product positioning
  • Inbound marketing
  • Lead generation
  • Trade show booths
  • Public relations
  • Social media
  • Website design and content development


Marketing and Sales Alignment

Marketing and sales have, in many organizations big and small, operated in silos. The web has brought them together, but it takes more than technology to efficiently align them.

Marketing Roadmap Planner

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Use this tool to map our a capaign, product launch or even your marketing plan for the year.

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